Halo 4 Joins Master Chief Collection On PC Later In November

343 Industries has been slowly releasing each Halo game in the Master Chief Collection on PC over the past few months, and it’s now Halo 4’s turn. According to a new trailer, Halo 4 will arrive on PC as part of the MCC on November 17.

This completes the original remit of the Master Chief Collection, at least according to 343. The studio has said repeatedly that the divisive Halo 5 will not be added to the collection. A recent announcement from 343 emphasized that Halo 4 is the “last title we have planned for the collection.”

Halo 4 was the first Halo game not to be developed by original studio Bungie. The MCC version of the game is visually enhanced and features new armor customization compared to the original game. It also includes the co-op mode Spartan Ops, which was introduced as a new feature in Halo 4, along with the traditional campaign and multiplayer modes. According to 343, the campaign is “totally remastered,” which presumably refers to the visual improvements. If you’re planning to play the MCC on console, it will receive optimizations for the Xbox Series X and Series S as well.

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