GTA Online Asks Players To Steal A Collective $100 Billion In New Heist Challenge

GTA Online, the multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto V, has announced a new collective Heist Challenge–this time asking the community to steal a collective $100 billion from any of the Online Heist Finales. If the goal is reached, all players will get a special vehicle for free in December, while players who actively participated in one of the heists will unlock a special bonus for their efforts.

The amount being asked for is pretty huge– just a few billion dollars under the net worth of the world’s second richest man, Bill Gates, or around half the net worth of the richest, Jeff Bezos. Luckily, cash is a little easier to come by in GTA than in the real world. To inspire players to get back into the game and get heisting, GTA Online is also offering a $1,000,000 bonus to everyone who logs in between now and November 18.

As an added incentive, Casino Heist Setup Fees have been discounted by 75% until the end of the challenge, making it a lot more tempting to give a heist a crack. Players have until November 18th to hit the lofty $100 billion goal and unlock the free vehicle, which hasn’t yet been revealed.

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