GI Joe Classified Line Gets Brand-New Flint And Lady Jaye Figures

No matter if there’s trouble over land or sea or air, G.I. Joe is there. Well, metaphorically they are there because G.I. Joe isn’t real. It’s a toy line and cartoon. During Fan First Friday, Hasbro announced a couple of new G.I. Joe Classified figures that look exactly like their cartoon counterparts.

Both Flint and Lady Jaye are getting the action figure treatment. While the toys were revealed during the November 20 stream, they’re still a ways off from coming out, landing in stores in April 2021. Costing $20, both figures will be available at HasbroPulse for preorder today and will be available in retail stores after the release date.

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Yes, the Flint figure comes with his classic beret. It wouldn’t be him without it. It’s a highly-posable six-inch scale figure, which lines up with the other figures in the Classified line. Additionally, it will come with accessories like more guns for Flint to hold and aim. And again, look at that sweet beret.

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