Ghost Of Tsushima’s Big Update Will Let You Pet The Dogs–Then Set Them On Enemies

Ghost of Tsushima might let you pet the foxes, but it hasn’t let you pet the dogs yet. In fact, until now, players have had to kill the dogs when they attacked, as they were, exclusively, very bad dogs. That’s all set to change in Update 1.1, the huge update that’s also adding co-op–soon you’ll be able to befriend the dogs.

In the game’s New Game+ mode, which will be added on October 16, you’ll be able to equip the Charm of Canine Recruitment. This allows you to walk up to enemy dogs and give them a good pet, which will make them change sides and attack your enemies.

Just be aware that the dogs are still likely to die in the ensuing scuffle, unless you’re a very good samurai. You can see the charm in action below.

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