Get an up-close look at Stalker 2’s many guns and fully customizable teeth

Another engineer journal uncovers a great meticulousness, including some genuinely Soviet choppers.

Another Stalker 2 engineer journal shared by IGN grandstands a portion of the weapon and character models (counting a couple that fans will rapidly perceive) being made for the game. The video accentuates the meticulousness being placed into the models, which GSC Game World rep Zakahr Bocharov said will be adequately fine to empower players to see “scrapes, scratches, and standing out strings.”

The video additionally puts a sudden spotlight on teeth, which engineers can evidently turn on, off, and around easily via Stalker 2’s “custom teeth instrument.”

“These little accents guarantee each character looks totally remarkable,” Bocharov says. “In a real sense each human in Stalker 2 has exceptional grin.”

Here’s a more intensive look—click the image in the upper-right corner for the full insight:

I’m not going to grumble about games being made to look better—this is a visual medium, all things considered—however as a genuinely dedicated Stalker fan, this exhibition of pictures isn’t by and large the thing I was expecting to see. The detail is noteworthy, indeed, however now (recall, Stalker 2 was re-declared three years prior) I need to see the game, not a workmanship display. The first Stalker is an exceptionally sensitive equilibrium of activity, awfulness, and jank, and I don’t believe that the capacity to include the fastens in the Duty man’s pack adds to that enchantment.

The weapons grandstand doesn’t actually dazzle, all things considered. It’s simply weapons, gliding in space over a bizarre technobeat, for more than 2.5 minutes—which for reasons unknown, is quite a while to spend gazing at models of guns that could emerge out of practically any genuine shooter you want to name, regardless of how lovely they are.

Everything considered, it is anything but an extremely amazing presentation—more an update that Stalker 2 exists in some undefined state, instead of an exhibit of some significant achievement. It’s conceivable that I’m eager and expecting excessively, in light of the fact that I truly need Stalker 2 to satisfy the standard set by the first (and I’ve been standing by above and beyond 10 years for an outing back to the Zone), yet subsequent to watching this video I can’t shake the inclination that Stalker 2 is even more a far off dream than a videogame I’ll be playing in the forseeable future.

Yet, maybe I’m being negative: Bokharov says toward the finish of the video that a Stalker 2 “interactivity exhibit” is coming in a little while this year. I’m anticipating it as of now.