Get A Free Super Mario Bros. Pin Set By Completing These Nintendo Missions

If all of the announcements in Nintendo’s surprise Direct celebrating Mario’s 35th anniversary haven’t satisfied you enough, Nintendo is letting you complete numerous challenges for the chance to get a limited-edition set of enamel Mario pins for free.

If you live in a supported region (currently only the US and Canada), the new Super Mario Bros. collectible pin set features one version of the mascot plumber from his most recognizable adventures. That includes a pin from Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3 as well as Super Mario World and Super Mario 64. They all look rather lovely.

To get the set for free, you’ll have to complete five of the available six missions on offer. Many are ones you can complete today, such as taking a quiz on Mario’s history or downloading your own “This is Mario” image from the rewards website. Another requires you to take part in the upcoming Super Mario Kart Tour event that begins this September 8. Here’s every mission available:

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