Get 5 issues of PC Gamer magazine for $5/£5 in the Spring Sale

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Spring is at long last here. The birds are trilling, plants are growing, and Magazines Direct has a spic and span deal. This Spring, you can get 5 issues of PC Gamer for just £5/$5 when you become a supporter which is, honestly, a take.

This rebate not just incorporates an actual duplicate of the magazine, yet in addition an advanced form as well, so you can peruse your number one gaming magazine in a hurry. There are a lot of other specialist magazines over on Magazines Direct, so make a point to look at different memberships with a similar offer.

For those in the UK, the latest issue is our Back 4 Blood April issue where we visit to the designers of the shocking community zombie shooter and size up in the event that it will be a commendable replacement to the famous Left 4 Dead. The latest magazine in the US is the PC gaming legends issue where we investigate gaming history and select eight games that characterized us as PC Gamers.

Here are the authority start and end dates for the Spring deal:

What’s more, on the off chance that you need a little token of the advantages of buying in, here’s an overview of everything PC Gamer magazine offers.