Genshin Impact is teaming up with KFC for a bucket-and-glider deal in China

You may say it’s an alternate sort of chicken wing.

Genshin Impact is a significant hit, yet now apparently it’s truly become showbiz royalty. Genshin Impact decoration Zeniet presented a picture on Twitter demonstrating that miHoYo is collaborating with KFC for a marked can bargain in China.

Buying the Diluc Chicken Bucket, as per Reddit, will likewise get you a code for a restrictive Glider in KFC’s tones. There’s no sign that KFC-themed skins for Diluc and Noelle are essential for the arrangement, nonetheless, which likely bodes well: Genshin Impact doesn’t right now uphold skins, and turning them out with a KFC hybrid bolted to China would be an irregular method to make an introduction.

This sort of hybrid obviously isn’t too strange in China. Back in 2019, for instance, KFC and Final Fantasy 14 collaborated for an advancement that prompted players eating an upsetting measure of singed chicken just to attempt to procure an exceptional chocobo mount. There’s likewise this:

KFC has additionally settled a presence in gaming in different pieces of the world lately. It dispatched an all out “gaming division” in 2018 (despite the fact that it gives off an impression of being devoted essentially to sharing images), supports Rainbow Six Siege competitions, and in 2019 dispatched “A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator” featuring a startlingly alluring Colonel Sanders, who Fraser neglected to get with.

The picture demonstrates that Diluc Chicken Bucket will go at a bargain on March 8. I’ve messaged KFC and miHoYo for more data, including whether it may come to North America sometime in the future—I don’t play Genshin Impact yet I’m generally up for an oily cheap food limited time stunt—and will refresh in the event that I get an answer.