Genshin Impact 1.3 comes in February, but an adorable slime festival is out now

February update has Xiao, another character, and a light celebration.

Genshin Impact will commence the Lunar New Year in style, with a light celebration coming to Liyue in February. The 1.3 update will deliver on February third, and is part into four occasions: All That Glitters, Lantern Rite Tales, Theater Mechanicus, and the Xiao Market. Theater Mechanicus is a pinnacle guard fight where players utilize a gridded field to put down pinnacles, at that point battle close by them against foe waves.

The new character Xiao, a 5-star, is at the focal point of a large part of the update trailer and will get a story mission to go with him. Players will get a raftload of free materials in the update, similar to rate-up wishes and a smaller than normal occasion that gives out a free 4-star character from the Liyue team: Xiangling, Xinyan, Beidou, Ningguang, Xingqu, and Chongyun. There’s likewise an occasion coming dependent on the in-game photograph mode, with remunerations for very much made shots. Different little occasions are a mode based around Geovishap scaled down managers and a Geovishap world chief, and a Ley Line update that gives twofold plunder for the initial three Ley Lines every day.

Moreover, beginning now and going on until the finish of January, an online sludge celebration game allows you to get some rewards in Genshin legitimate by satisfying oozes. It’s charming—you can discover those subtleties here.

We thought about Genshin Impact, an allowed to-play open world RPG out of China, to be one of 2020’s greatest and most lovely gaming shocks. The new update will likewise incorporate some fixes for the tar issue. You can watch the full English livestream of the update uncover underneath.