GameSpot After Dark Ep. 63 – Steve S. Minecraft

On this week’s episode of GameSpot After Dark, the team welcomes the arrival of legendary hero Steven S. Minecraft of Minecraft fame to Nintendo’s hit game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. You may know Steven from his resource gathering and block building adventures in Minecraft, or from seeing what looks like his bits on Twitter.

Jake, Lucy, Kallie, and Tamoor also talk about Paradise Killer, Oculus Quest 2, and Rainbow Six: Siege. For the news portion of the podcast, the big topic of discussion is the rumored Mass Effect remaster. You’re probably tired of hearing and reading about it at this point, but this time it has appeared on a ratings board, and with N7 Day rapidly approaching, maybe there is hope? Fingers crossed.

Cyberpunk 2077 is the subject of a reader question on why developers and publishers announce games early and what it means when they’re delayed. The crew also talks about their dream guests for the podcast and, most importantly, talk about their experiences checking out a beautiful museum dedicated to GameSpot created by community member Daniel Moreno.

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