Free Game Alert: This Intense Indie Shooter Is Free On GOG Right Now

GOG is running another free game giveaway as part of its Made in Poland sale. The game this time is Butcher, an intense and violent 2D action game. The title, from developer Transhuman Design, is a hard-as-nails retro-styled shooter where you destroy enemies across a variety of environments.

The game, which features more than 20 levels, is extremely bloody, promising “up to 4 million pixels” of potential blood for you to paint the walls with in each level. Each level also features environmental traps that you can use to take down your enemies, and it’s all set to a heavy metal soundtrack.

GameSpot critic Daniel Starkey was a fan of the game when he reviewed it in 2016, scoring the game an 8/10. “Butcher is a living relic, a callback to the days when being gritty and macabre was a goal unto itself,” Starkey wrote. “But make no mistake: beneath that gruff exterior is a thoughtfully crafted game.”

At the time of writing, there’s just under 39 hours left to claim the game. If you have a GOG account, it’s as simple as logging in and clicking the redemption link at the top of the homepage.

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