Four New Blumhouse Horror Movies Are Arriving On Amazon: Here’s What Ties Them Together

October brings four brand new scary Blumhouse movies to Amazon Prime Video. It’s exactly what everyone needs this year as they prepare to celebrate Halloween at home. The collection, titled Welcome to the Blumhouse, is more than just a series of spooky tales, though. While the production company’s last streaming movie deal, Hulu’s Into the Dark series, focused on holiday-based films, the unifying element in these new films was to spotlight underrepresented directors.

“We decided what will hold them together is making them all [with] underrepresented directors,” producer and Blumhouse founder Jason Blum explained to GameSpot. “I was very happy with that because what it did is it made us make movies that have a different perspective than people who looked like you and I.”

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Instead, Welcome to the Blumhouse will feature movies directed by women and people of color. “I think that, in its own way, makes them make sense as a group,” the producer said. “And, you know, [Amazon] greenlit the show, based on that–the show being all eight movies.” The first four of those movies–The Lie, Black Box, Nocturne, and Evil Eye–are out this October. The other four will release in 2021.

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