Fortnite Season 5’s Map Gives You A Discreet New Way To Move Around

In lieu of patch notes, it’s left to players to uncover whats’s new and different each time a Fortnite: Battle Royale update rolls out. With a particularly large update like the 15.00 patch that kicks off Season 5, there’s a huge array of potential changes to dig into. Large swaths of the revamped Fortnite map are now covered in sand, and if you stand still for a moment, you’ll discover a sneaky new way of getting around.

By remaining stationary for a few seconds while standing on any deep sand (which is to say, any sand that isn’t simply covering up a road), you’ll sink in, making yourself hard to see. You aren’t entirely invisible, as you’ll create a round lump on the surface, but as disguises go, it’s not bad. But you aren’t stuck in place once you do this: You can actually move under the surface, and while the sight of a speeding pile of sand might draw some attention, you can move more quickly than you can on foot. The trade-off, aside from needing an extra moment to pop out and ready your weapons, appears to be that initial wait to sink into the sand, which you likely won’t have time for during a fight.

Sand covers a large part of the interior of Fortnite‘s Season 5 map, so getting a good handle on how to best use this–perhaps to flank an unsuspecting foe–may give you an edge. Just be sure not to unwittingly bump into any areas you can’t stay underneath, as doing so will pop you out and further expose you to enemy fire.

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