Fortnite Season 4 Secret Challenge Guide

Fortnite‘s Coral Buddies are on their way out, but there are still a few secret challenges you can tackle in Season 4. Epic Games has snuck another series of challenges into locations across the map–only one is available now, but more are likely to come. The first known secret challenge is called Event of the Year. This guide will show you where to go and how to complete the challenge with ease.

Check back throughout the season as more secret challenges are added to Fortnite.

Where Can I Locate Season 4’s Secret Challenge?

The first secret challenge can be accessed at a few different locations. One of the easiest to find is on the right side of the map in the H4 tile of the grid. You’ll find the entrance to an old named location that’s now abandoned. You’ll see a gnome looking at a sign on the edge of the concrete circle. All you need to do is walk up to it to complete the challenge. Here’s a map with the exact location:

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