Fortnite players think The Rock is secretly playing a character named The Foundation

An Instagram video posted by the entertainer and resigned master grappler indicates an association.

The Rock and The Foundation: Are they a similar person? We should analyze them. The first is popular entertainer, maker, and resigned genius grappler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The second is a concealed Fortnite character who showed up if as of late commenced Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. The two people have names that start with “The,” and the two people are strong. Actually, I’m persuaded.

In the event that for reasons unknown you’re not persuaded by that proof, Fortnite players have gathered a couple of different pieces of information that recommend that Johnson truly is the mysterious voice entertainer and motivation behind The Foundation.

The greatest hint is a video Johnson presented on Instagram on March 16 in which he continues forever about the significance of March 16 to “a specific culture.” I have no clue about what the heck he’s discussing, however March 16 was the day Fortnite Season 6 began, so perhaps that is something. It’s additionally Stone Cold Steve Austin day, however, a reference to that rival grappler’s “Austin 3:16” contrivance. I have no clue about what that would conceivably mean in the event that it implied anything, however it seems like a reality that a decent investigator shouldn’t ignore.

The truly significant second comes toward the finish of the video, when Johnson references the “force and power” of something many refer to as “the establishment.” Either it’s an immediate clue that he’s the Fortnite character called The Foundation, or he as of late got truly into Isaac Asimov’s Foundation arrangement. (As a matter of fact, there is a show dependent on the Foundation books coming to Apple TV this year, however Johnson isn’t in it.)

There’s additional: Fortnite players have likewise brought up that The Foundation’s covering highlights designs that seem to be like Johnson’s tattoos, and they are right. There’s a sufficient similarity that you could see it being purposeful.

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Would it be astonishing in the event that it worked out that The Foundation is The Rock? Not even somewhat. Fortnite and Hollywood are buddies. Hunter, the outsider that Arnold Schwarzenegger battled, is in the game. Ripley and the Xenomorph are in the game. The Avengers are in the game.

The more I consider the big picture, the more I figure it would be peculiar if The Foundation turned out not to be The Rock.

In any case, perhaps The Foundation is really Kiefer Sutherland? I don’t have the foggiest idea why he would be, however Geoff Keighley asked Sutherland on Twitter, and Sutherland hasn’t reacted, which is dubious—or totally ordinary, which is likewise dubious. (Analysts should be dubious of everything.)

I speculate we’ll discover without a doubt whether The Rock has any relationship to The Foundation when Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 closures on June 7.