Fortnite Players Really Want Dr. Doom To Sit Down

Fortnite’s Season 4 brought a host of Marvel characters to the battle royale. The battle pass includes heroes like Iron Man, Wolverine, and Dr. Doom–complete with their own special emotes. Dr. Doom’s emote has him sit on a giant throne, but players can only use it right after a victory royale. They can’t use it at any other time and they aren’t happy about that restriction.

“At the very least they could make it usable at any time in modes that don’t have victory royales available,” said Redditor Unknown Submarine. The emote isn’t available in other modes like Creative, Battle Lab, or the various limit-time modes.

The emote is insignificant, but players have been complaining about it since Season 4 started over two months ago. It’s one of several skin-specific emotes that need to be unlocked through special challenges. Iron Man has one where he puts on his suit of armor that can be used at anytime.

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