Fortnite Players Gather At Black Panther Statue To Honor Chadwick Boseman

Fortnite players are paying their respects to Chadwick Boseman at an in-game Black Panther statue that was added to the game. The statue came to the battle royale as part of Season 4’s ongoing Marvel map updates.

“We need a Wakanda Forever emote,” one Redditor wrote. The statue comes days after Chadwick Boseman, the star of Marvel’s 2018 Black Panther movie, died of colon cancer at age 43. The world has been mourning the loss.

The point of interest is right outside Misty Meadows, floating above the ground with multiple loot drops and chest spawns. It comes along with other Marvel-themed locations, like Dr. Doom’s Domain, in Season 4. There will most likely be challenges associated with it soon.

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