Fortnite Fortnitemares Challenges: Become A Shadow, Ride A Witch Broom, And More

With Halloween nearly here, Epic Games has infused Fortnite with plenty of spooky flavor. Fortnitemares events task you with completing several season challenges. Some of these are simple challenges you should be able to complete very quickly, while others may require a little more direction and patience.

Completing these challenges will award you with additional experience points that you’ll need for the Season 4 battle pass. This season has seen a lot of different challenges, and there is a fairly sizable time commitment to complete everything.

Below, we’ve rounded up Fortnitemares challenges you might need help with, as well as how to complete them. There are maps for when to need to reach a certain point–in some cases, it’s multiple locations–and we’ll let you know what goodies you can get for completing them.

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