Final Fantasy 16 Announced At PS5 Event

Sony kicked off today’s PS5 Showcase event in a big way by revealing Final Fantasy XVI. The reveal trailer showcased the game’s fantasy elements and combat.

You play as a bodyguard to Joshua, the son of the Archduke of the region the game is set in. There seems to be some sort of blight taking hold of the land around you, bringing with it all sorts of dangers. Combat was shown off, with many nods to both Final Fantasy XV and the more recent Final Fantasy VII Remake.

This marks the first new mainline installment in the series since Final Fantasy XV, which originally launched back in 2016. However, the series’ MMO entry, Final Fantasy XIV, has received an ongoing stream of content in the meantime. Its big Shadowbringers expansion launched back in July 2019, and since then it has received numerous updates, the most recent of which–patch 5.3–arrived last month.

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