Fargo Showrunner Says That Season 5 Is A Possibility

Fargo is coming back for Season 4 on September 27, premiering 11 new episodes over three years after the end of Season 3. Showrunner Noah Hawley has commented on the possibility of more episodes at a recent FX press event, and it sounds like he’s open to the possibility.

As reported by Deadline, Hawley was asked about another season, and replied “I’m certainly not ruling it out.” It sounds like he would need some time to figure it out, though. “It’s not just one idea you need, it’s a hundred ideas and characters…so that tends to percolate,” he said.

Hawley says that he’s currently trying to write a new novel, so that is taking priority for him. He’s pretty busy, he says, and also wants to make sure that he spends time at home with his kids. “I want to make sure the choices I make for the next few years, is not me saying ‘yes’ to things, but trying to tell stories I haven’t told before, and continue to explore with FX how we can try to reinvent that medium,” he says.

Season 4 star Chris Rock spoke at that same press day, explaining how COVID-19 has informed his performance in the show.

Hawley had plans to make his own Star Trek movie, but it’s been put on the backburner, possibly because its pandemic-focused plotline would hit differently after the events of 2020.