Faraday Protocol is a first-person puzzle game set on an alien space station

I don’t know I’ve at any point played as an outsider classicist previously, however that is your work in Faraday Protocol, a first-individual puzzler that strands you on a peculiar outsider space station called OPIS.

The sum total of what you have are your brains, and a beam firearm that can “ingest and reallocate energy”. As indicated by the declaration “You can actuate and deactivate electrical cables and gadgets with orange energy—or extension and re-course them utilizing the blue energy.” You can see a few instances of how that functions in the trailer above. It to a great extent appears to allow you to make gleaming blue connections between interconnecting pieces to control up switches.

I’m in for the creepy moderate Egyptian design. Also, the declaration guarantees that we’ll will investigate Art Deco “Ziqqurats”. They appear to be loaded with material models and—far superior—bounce cushions.

The game is being created by a five-dev group called Red Koi Games. Faraday Protocol is expected out at some point in 2021. Meanwhile here are a couple screen captures from the dim passageways of OPIS.