Fallout 76 now lets you stash 50% more junk

Brb, off to fill my pockets with another 400lbs of Nuka-Cola.

Bethesda delivered an update for Fallout 76 yesterday that currently allows you to stash more stuff, just as other personal satisfaction changes. The Inventory Update currently allows you to store 1,200 pounds of things in your reserve—that is half beyond what you could already.

The Pip-Boy likewise gets some personal satisfaction refreshes, parting the stock into three tabs: New, Armor, and Food/Drink. New essentially does what it says on the tin, isolating the latest things you’ve gathered from the world. Covering is currently isolated from other attire things, for example, outfits, with Food/Drink isolating your consumable nourishments from things like serums.

Stack weight is presently perceptible, as well. Chosen stacks will presently show both the heaviness of the stack and the individual thing. Player candy machines are likewise getting a UI upgrade on the guide, demonstrating the number of 1, 2 and 3 star things are available to be purchased.

While Fallout 76 had a difficult time when it originally delivered, Bethesda has been consistently refreshing the game. It’s presently beginning to take after something you’d anticipate from a Fallout game. A year ago’s significant update at long last carried sanctuaries to the game, which individuals have been utilizing to make some quite flawless stuff.