Fall Guys Players Are Teaming Up To Fight Cheaters

Despite Mediatonic’s best efforts, cheaters are still running rampant in the PC version of Fall Guys. Cheaters have been floating in the air over Jump Showdown, flying up the hill in Fall Mountain, and even growing to be three times the normal player’s size in Fall Ball. Honest players have had enough.

“I wish I could see the hacker raging at the fact that everyone turned against him, including his own team,” said Redditor Dustin1280. Players have worked together to sabotage their own teams in Egg Scramble, Fall Ball, and other team games in order to prevent the cheaters on their team from winning.

Players have been sacrificing themselves to stop cheaters since the game launched, but the number of cheaters has only grown alongside the player base. The problem has gotten so bad that some cheaters have come up with strategies to mass-eliminate players from games like See Saw.

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