Factorio 1.1 allows beautiful blueprint flipping, other quality of life changes

I can’t accept the new train the executives interface.

Clearly discharge hasn’t halted the immense and rambling excellence of Factorio from developing, and the 1.1 fix quite recently out is stuffed with clean that makes the game easier than at any other time to play. Among the updates are a component to flip outlines, a since quite a while ago wanted dream of Factorio fans. You can just… flip em. It’s dazzling. We’ve additionally got flawless stuff like keen structure for transport lines, multithreading for transports, a fresh out of the box new interface for trains, and smooth control stunts for Spidertron robots.

At the point when Factorio delivered a year ago engineers Wube programming said they needed to finish the game’s list of capabilities so they could clean everything prior to adding more, and that is certainly what they’ve done here. Shrewd Belt Building is an extraordinary

illustration of some pleasant changes, letting belts consequently go to follow the cursor and naturally go underground beneath deterrents. These sorts of UI enhancements aren’t simply valuable, they’re something that makes the game more open for easygoing players to learn.

“Factorio is splendid. In case you’re distantly intrigued by games about administration, development, or more all creation chains, at that point jump on board the closest transport line and snatch yourself a duplicate of Factorio right now,” said our survey of the game on its dispatch a year ago. It’s been an installation of our PC Gamer Top 100 since before it even delivered.