FACEIT London Major 2018 | Team Pick’Em Discussion Thread | Challengers Stage

FACEIT London Major 2018 | Team Pick’Em Discussion Thread | Challengers Stage

TL;DR: Use this post for sharing/discussing your Challenger Pick'Ems.

FACEIT London Major 2018 is the 13th Valve-sponsored Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship and the second Major of 2018 and as fans, we can participate in the Major HYPE by playing a mini game on the game client itself. The game is called Team Pick'Em.


You will need team stickers to play this game. They can either be the regular stickers, a holo or a foil sticker. You can obtain stickers from the in-game client offers section. This time there is no fantasy Team Game, however you can buy the player signature sticker packs for each team or a foil pack for the different types of teams (legends, challengers etc.). Once you buy the pack and unpack it, a random player signature will be given to your inventory. You can directly buy a particular team's or player's sticker from the steam community market.

Alternatively, when you try to make a pick for a team, the game will pop up a buy menu from where you can buy the stickers in game or from the market. Once you apply the sticker, it is locked until the end of the Phase you picked it for, but it is not destroyed once you use it or even if that team didn't make it. The sticker will be available in your inventory to use again for the next Phases of the Major or to apply to a gun later on. 50% of the proceeds from the stickers go to the players and organizations.

How to play Team Pick'Em

The objective for playing Team Pick'Em is to predict which teams will go through the Challengers Stage, Legends Stage and Champions Stage. By picking correct teams before each phase, you will earn points that add up at the end of games for that phase. This time, there are 3 time slots allotted to make picks, once before the Challengers Stage (Sept 5), once before the Legends Stage (Sept 12), and once before the Champions Stage (Sept 20).

You can make these picks in-game by going to the 'Watch' tab and then clicking the '2018 FACEIT London' section – from there you can simply drag your choices into the respective slots.

External Websites and Apps to play Team Pick'Em:
Valve has opened up an API that helps in creating external tools that help you to make picks in case you do not have access to the game client itself. If you are on a vacation, at work, traveling or at the major itself, now you don't need to open the game to make the choices. Here is an option that has been presented to the subreddit in the past.

Website: https://csgopickem.net/ by /u/Lucaber
There might be other websites and apps out there as well!

Challengers Stage

For the challengers stage:

  • pick one of the two undefeated teams (record 3-0)
  • pick one of the two teams that will be eliminated without winning any matches (record 0-3)
  • pick the seven others who advance

Correct picks are worth 1 point each in the Challengers Stage, and 3 points in the Legends Stage. Picks are locked when each Stage begins.

Some concluding Notes

Now that you know how to play these games and how the scoring system works, you can discuss what would be wise choices for these 16 teams! Here is the blog post by Valve regarding the game. There is also an FAQ section at the bottom.

Please feel free to discuss your analysis and thoughts in this thread. if you are not sure who to choose, feel free to ask for suggestions here!

Another thread will be posted for the Legends stage and Champions stage respectively.

Good luck, have fun!

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