Evil Genius 2: World Domination will be out in March

Insubordination dropped another trailer to declare the delivery date for the hotly anticipated villainy test system.

It’s been very nearly a long time since the declaration of Evil Genius 2, the continuation of the 2004 RTS about running a humorous supervillain association demonstrated after the James Bond movies of the 1960s and ’70s—or, maybe more precisely, the Austin Powers set of three. It’s been painfully slow since, yet the speed started to get a year ago: We got our first glance at interactivity at the PC Gaming Show in June, a more inside and out review in October, and the guarantee of dodos—logical dodos—in November.

What’s more, presently, in January 2021, we have another trailer and, all the more significantly, a delivery date. Designer Rebellion said today that Evil Genius 2: World Domination will be delivered on Steam on March 30.

Malicious Genius 2 will really highlight four contemptible brains—narcissist tyrant Max, hefty muscle maniac Ivan, manipulative ex-spymaster Emma, and researcher extremist Zalika—each with their own remarkable story crusade. One of three diverse island areas will fill in as the home for your miscreant HQ, which you’ll configuration, assemble, and redo with “current base-building mechanics,” prior to releasing your mission of overall mastery.

“Send your cronies and colleagues on missions across the globe as you apply your impact and authority over world areas,” Rebellion said. “Complete worthwhile plans, extend your criminal organization, enroll new associates and take all way of valuable plunder—from the Doors to Fort Knox to an authentic dodo.”

There’s something else entirely to come: Rebellion guaranteed “heaps of mischievously energizing amazements in transit in the coming weeks,” including another, unannounced game mode. Meanwhile, you can look at a lot of screens underneath, and become familiar with the game on Steam.