Euro and American Truck Simulators’ stunning lighting update is here

Long stretch shipping just got a ton prettier.

Update 1.40 has shown up for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, bringing a complete lighting redesign to the two mainland drivers.

Declared a week ago, the update totally revamps the manner in which headlights and sunbeams enlighten your travels. To encourage this, the designer has additionally put forth an admirable attempt to revamp the game’s surfaces and models.

Normally, PC Gamer’s occupant driver Andy Kelly has gone in the driver’s seat to give some beautiful snaps of American Truck Sim’s roadways.

Nights and evening time conveyances currently get appropriately dull. I’m especially enamored with how the nightfall dapples against the hood of the taxi here.

The new lighting works best in serious climate conditions, adding a degree of dramatization that is constantly been kind of missing from the truck them ups. However, even the most exhausting, cloudy day in Euro Truck Simulator 2’s (presently rather dated-looking) Scottish carriageways is given a degree of profundity that was formerly absent.

Rapidly bouncing in for an excursion up to Aberdeen nearly made me nauseous at my PC, so it should accomplish something right.

Fix 1.40 went live for both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 yesterday. The last accompanies something beyond lighting, as well, carrying with it an improved German scene and new French areas close to the Iberian promontory. The two games are at present 75% off on Steam—not very ratty for outstanding amongst other open-world games on PC.