Epic’s next free game is a cyberpunk tale of a hardboiled detective who loves cats

Stories of the Neon Sea is free for the taking on the Epic Games Store until April 8.

Stories of the Neon Sea is a 2D point-and-snap experience that sets players off as Rex, a cop-turned-PI in a squalid cyberpunk world. That may not be the most exceptional videogame arrangement you’ve at any point heard, yet it has a “extremely certain” rating across in excess of 1,100 audits on Steam, and that isn’t anything to sniffle at. For the following seven days, it’s likewise free for the taking on the Epic Games Store.

It seems like Tales of the Neon Sea ends up in a good place, in light of the depiction and trailer. You’ll explore murder scenes, analyze proof, and settle cases, as all great hard-bubbled criminal investigators ought to. In any case, there are likewise felines, including a playable feline “collaborator” named William the Black who can end up in a good place and see things that you can’t, and evidently an entire society of robots, who have some lovely profound stuff of their own going on.

“In the event that robots had their own god, what might it resemble? Also, in the event that they had similar rights as people… would they deceive us?” the Epic posting muses. “When there are no limits among fragile living creature and machine… what is life? This flighty cyberpunk world holds every one of the appropriate responses.”

These are on the whole great inquiries! Will Tales of the Neon Sea respond to them? I don’t have the foggiest idea, however I think it looks interesting (and outrageously lovely) and you truly can’t beat the cost. Stories of the Neon Sea is free until April 8.

Next up from Epic’s free game pack will be the most up to date section of the “playable sitcom” 3 out of 10, Terrible Posture Games’ roundabout story of “life at the world’s most noticeably awful game improvement studio.”