Elden Ring Has Gone Quiet And The Internet Is Very Sad

Elden Ring fans have had enough of the radio silence, it seems. From Software hasn’t released any more info about its upcoming open-world action RPG since announcing it at last year’s E3. The internet’s sadness finally reached a boiling point today after no news was revealed during Gamescom 2020 Opening Night Live.

Fans were eager to see more of the game at one of the many summer game showcases, but no new info was shown at any of the streams put on by major publishers and gaming conventions. The game was originally announced for current-gen consoles, but it may not launch before the Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles come out later this year.

Elden Ring fans have flooded the internet with depression-fueled jokes about the From Software’s development process. Some of the post are beyond desperate and are quite hilarious. Fans have gone mad waiting for news–with some going as far as creating their own lore and playable demo to make the wait slightly more tolerable.

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