EA Will Keep Making NHL Games, As It Signs New Multi-Year Deal With The League

Not that it’s a surprise, but Electronic Arts has confirmed it will keep making more NHL games. The publisher has signed a new multi-year deal with the NHL and its player’s association to create more games in the future.

EA did not confirm the specific duration of the deal or how much it paid the hockey league for the rights. EA has been in business with the NHL for 30 years already, and EA Sports boss Cam Weber said in a statement, “This extension will ensure it remains at the forefront of connecting millions of fans around the world to the sport through interactive entertainment.”

NHL chief brand officer Brian Jennings said in a statement that EA’s NHL series helps bring new fans to ice hockey. Jennings added that, during COVID-19 lockdowns, people turned to EA’s series to get their hockey fix while the real sport’s latest season was delayed and impacted by the virus.

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