Dune Director Still Hoping For Exclusive Theatrical Release

With Warner Bros releasing its tentpole features next year in a hybrid release of limited theatrical and streaming on HBO Max, it looks like Dune might be getting only a theatrical run instead. Earlier in December, Dune director Denis Villeneuve published an essay airing his anger and disappointment with the studio and how they have “no love for cinema or the audiences.”

However, Dune could be saved due to the “franchise potential” of the feature film and the internal warring within Legendary as Deadline is reporting that Villeneuve could get his wish after all.

“There is a big fight that might result in lawsuits after it financed 75% of tentpoles Dune and Godzilla Vs. Kong and was completely blindsided. Rumors have the solution to that breach being to preserve Dune as a traditional theatrical to preserve its franchise potential,” the report read.

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