Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Master Roshi Fights Against Pupils In New Launch trailer

In advance of Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s release of Master Roshi, Bandai Namco shared a launch trailer for the famed elderly fighter. In the anime, Master Roshi trained Goku and created the signature Dragon Ball Z move: The Kamehameha.

In the trailer below, we’re given a closer look at Master Roshi’s abilities, like the famed energy attack he created, and his overall happy-go-lucky personality. Master Roshi faces off against his Turtle Schools students, including Goku and Krillin, while conveying his martial art’s schools philosophy. “You should be moving, learning, playing, eating, and resting everyday. That’s the Turtle School Way!” Master Roshi says. He ends the video with his signature peace signs.

Previously, the Bandai Namco esports Twitter account also released a short teaser of Master Roshi’s gameplay. Unlike the launch trailer, there isn’t much narration by the character’s voice actor, and it ends with a demonstration of Master Roshi using mafuba (demon containment wave).

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