Dorfromantik is a bucolic little cityscaping puzzler

Dorfromantik is an impending serene, vital little riddle game that makes them lay tiles to make an exquisite little field of hexagonal tiles. It’s a rural idyll of moving fields and thick woodlands, little glades, twee railroads, and little streams. It’s coming this spring from Toukana Interactive, and there’s a demo you can play right now on

The nuts and bolts are basic. You have a stack tiles with various highlights. Things like woods, houses, and fields can be set anyplace. Different things must be set close to their like—train tracks should proceed, as must channels or waterways. To get an ever increasing number of tiles, you need to satisfy missions: Make a woods bigger, or a town huge, yet not very large, or a trench of a specific length. It’s something decent to pursue in case you’re a score-chaser, while staying loosened up enough for the individuals who simply need a pleasant game to chill to. The full game delivery will have tiles to open and various biomes to put.

I like what it looks like and plays, given the demo. It helps me to remember Islanders, the super-chill city manufacturer from a couple of years back, in that it’s the same amount of puzzle as technique game. You can discover it on both and Steam.