Doom Eternal Is Finally Coming To Xbox Game Pass PC

Back in September, the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account playfully teased adding the brutal first-person shooter Doom Eternal to its catalog. While console Game Pass players have had access to the sequel since October, PC Game Pass users have been waiting for its release for months. Now, we know that the game will come to the PC service on December 3.

To be clear, Doom Eternal on Game Pass is the base campaign, meaning it does not include the game’s DLC episodes, including the already-released The Ancient Gods, Part 1. According to director Marty Stratton, Part 2 will come at some point between now and March 2021, so keep an eye out for that.

Considering that Microsoft bought Bethesda recently, the publisher of these new Doom games, it makes sense that this high-profile sequel will come to Microsoft’s flagship games service. (The software giant claims the purchase isn’t about exclusivity, but we’ll have to see about that.) In GameSpot’s Doom Eternal review, our critic Phil Hornshaw called the game an intelligently-designed follow-up to one of the most intense shooters in years.

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