Doom Eternal director has ‘put a lot of thought’ into adding a female Slayer

Hugo Martin says he’d need to guarantee the character is in excess of a skin, and effects interactivity in a ‘significant’ way.

The Doomslayer can take on numerous appearances in Doom Eternal. There’s the Classic Doomguy, the Mullet Slayer, the Doomicorn, the Night-female horse, even the Purple Pony. One thing the Doomslayer has not been, notwithstanding, is a lady.

That may change sometime in the not so distant future. During a new stream, game chief Hugo Martin said that he’s really thought regarding how to best join a female Slayer into the arrangement, since he’d need the character to be something beyond another skin.

“I’ve considered everything, really. I think on the off chance that we did it, I’d need it to be deadly,” Martin said. “I believe it’s fascinating what it would mean for the magnificence murders, the sort of weapons that she would have, the battling style—unquestionably all hostility, totally, yet an alternate kind of animosity. I would truly endeavor to permit it to affect the interactivity in a manner that was significant. I’ve certainly placed a great deal of thought into that.

“With regards to planning the activity, you consider, as, in the event that the Slayer is a Ferrari, what might a female Slayer be? What might a middle age Slayer be? How might that influence things? What kind of analogies could you draw from that, permit that to impact the experience? So I don’t have the foggiest idea. It certainly would be cool.”

That auto similarity may appear to be a little odd on a superficial level, however it’s one that Martin has made beforehand: He portrayed the Doomslayer in supercar terms in a 2018 meeting with PCGamesN, saying, “You can drive a Ferrari 70 mph down an expressway and it’s good times. Drive it 200 mph cycle a track and it’s additionally extremely fun.”

We utilized a comparable illustration in our audit of Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods—Part One, portraying the experience as “likened to awakening in the driver’s seat of a Ferrari shouting down the track at 200 mph. It’s absolutely just about as disturbing and elating as that sounds.” That’s something to be thankful for, on the off chance that there’s any uncertainty: We scored it 89%, calling it “virtuosic show from id Software.”

The expansion of another Slayer isn’t something that is probably going to happen at any point in the near future, at that point, yet the thought is at any rate on the radar. Also, dislike it’d be an over the top story stretch to get it going, possibly: I’m not a major disciple to the idea of authoritative legitimacy in my Doom games, yet maybe it’s prominent that, in the fiction of Quake 3: Arena, the Doomslayer’s coach during his time in the Marines was Crash, a lady.