Doom And Doom 2 Get Widescreen, Gyro Controls, And More In New Update

Doom and Doom II have continued to improve since their disappointing launch on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, but have received numerous updates since that have turned them into fantastic ports. The latest series of changes for the PC, console, and mobile versions have improved these classics further, adding several new features and a new level set for some players.

These updates launched September 3, so you should update your versions of Doom and Doom II to reap the benefits.

If you own Doom and Doom II on Steam, you’ll now have access to these versions automatically. The original DOS versions of the games will still be available, however, so don’t worry if you want a classic experience. All versions now have widescreen rendering support, so the game can now be rendered at 16:9 without letterboxing if you so choose. This is applicable across the entirety of both games.

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