Donald Glover Gives Brief, Yet Hopeful, News About Atlanta Seasons 3 And 4

It’s been two and a half years since we’ve seen a new episode of FX’s Atlanta, with Season 2 coming to an end in May 2018. However, series creator and star Donald Glover has a little bit of news about the upcoming Season 3 and 4.

Over on Twitter, Glover announced announced that the upcoming seasons will be great. How great? Well, here’s what Glover said.

While that may seem like an outlandish statement, Atlanta’s Season 2 episode “Teddy Perkins” is easily the best single episode of any TV series from that year, so hitting the “Sopranos mark” doesn’t seem like a far-fetched idea by any means. GameSpot named that episode the #1 Best TV Episode of 2018 and the series as a whole one of the Best TV Shows of 2018.

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