Disturbing New Possessor Trailer Delivers Psychic Hitmen And Intense Violence

While Canadian horror legend David Cronenberg (Videodrome, Scanners) has moved away from the gory sci-fi/horror movies that made his name, his son Brandon is carrying on the family tradition. Following 2013’s striking Antivirial, Cronenberg Jr. has directed a new movie is titled Possessor, and the latest trailer is here.

July’s first Possessor trailer was heavy on atmosphere, but it didn’t really give much away about the plot. The new trailer is more focused on story–and if you want to go in spoiler-free, it might be best to skip it. The movie stars Andrea Riseborough (Mandy, The Grudge) as an assassin who “possesses” the bodies of other people via some futuristic device to perform her hits. But when she is hired to kill an important businessman, it goes wrong, and the man she was controlling starts to fight back. It looks like a disturbing and stylish mix of violent thrills and gory horror–check it out below:

Possessor also stars Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), Christopher Abbott (The Sinner), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Good Time), and Rossif Sutherland (The Expanse). The film hits theaters on October 4.

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