Destiny 2’s Triumphs Are Getting A Massive Overhaul For Beyond Light

Destiny 2‘s pursuit of in-game achievements is getting a big overhaul, now that the Destiny Content Vault will soon begin locking certain activities away in an effort to streamline the game. Introduced in the Forsaken expansion, Triumphs track in-game progress and reward players with a title beneath their name once a select number of tasks have been completed.

In a new blog post, Bungie explained how Triumphs will evolve in Destiny 2, when a revised system for them is introduced on November 10 when Beyond Light releases. Bungie’s goal is to provide pursuits that will reward all types of players, while also allowing Guardians to show off their accomplishments more easily. The new Triumph system will include a score that corresponds to the totality of everything that a player has accomplished in the game, which is split into active and lifetime scores.

Beyond Light Triumphs focus on story content, Season 12 Triumphs have seasonal goals to achieve and Lifetime Triumphs are focused on teaching new players more about the game.

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