Destiny 2’s Beyond Light Gamescom Trailer: Stasis Subclasses In Action

While Destiny 2‘s Beyond Light expansion is going to shake up the game world–a bunch of removing some planetary destinations are being removed as new ones cycle in–arguably the biggest change is the new Stasis ability, which is going to make big alterations to the way you actually play the game. We got another big look at the Stasis powers and their related Supers during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live show, which give a sense of how you’ll freeze and shatter enemies.

The new trailer shown at Gamescom gave us a little more detail about the three new subclasses Stasis will bring to the game, and a look at some of the stuff you can do with them. Bungie added slightly more detail to its website as well. The powers you’ll wield include Stasis Field, Freeze, and Shatter, and it seems like each subclass will have some or all of those abilities. For Warlocks, there’s the Shadebinder, which we saw firing bolts of ice at enemies to deal damage, in line with the Shatter power. Hunters get the Revenant class, which seems geared toward Stasis Fields that slow enemies. Finally, there’s the Behemoth for Titans, which seems to be all about the Freeze ability, sending ice ripping through the ground to solidify enemies and then using Titans’ big melee hits to crush their icy forms. We also got the sense that you’ll use Stasis crystals to instantly create defensive structures like walls, which can help you close the gap on enemies to deal punishing blows.

The Stasis abilities are a big wrinkle in Beyond Light, and not just because they give you new options for killing your various foes around the solar system in exceedingly cool ways. Stasis is the power of the Darkness, the nebulous big bad enemies that Destiny Guardians have been worrying about since the original game’s first day. In the current season of Destiny 2, the Darkness has finally arrived, but it’s not attacking–it’s handing out gifts. Stasis seems to be one of those gifts, and its appearance should have a big impact on the story.

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