Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes

The first new update since the release of Destiny 2‘s Beyond Light expansion is here, and it’s a relatively minor one. While we’ve seen some serious issues cropping up, hotfix resolves a variety of problems, including one that led to a gun being disabled.

Part of the big 3.0 update included changing fire rates on many weapons, and this update adjusts the Rose hand cannon (the one tied to the Exotic hand cannon Lumina) to have its intended 140 RPM firing rate. It had previously been set to 150 RPM, leading to the gun being temporarily disabled. Meanwhile, the Exotic grenade launcher Witherhoard remains disabled following this update.

For Xbox One and Series X/S players, the update addresses a crash when interacting with the Vault at the Tower, so you should have no need to fear diving into your library of items. Across all platforms, there are also unspecified backend changes related to stability.

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