Destiny 2 Transmogrification Won’t Force You To Keep Old Armor

Destiny 2 is getting a lot of changes and new features with the Beyond Light expansion. But for Guardians who like to look fashionable, among the coolest is the addition of armor transmogrification–the ability to wear a piece of gear, but change it to look like another piece. Players have been holding on to a bunch of old pieces of armor waiting for transmogrification to kick in–but Bungie has revealed that you can finally throw all that stuff away.

Transmogrification is a common system in MMOs. Since there are so many pieces of gear in those games, offering so many different looks, transmogrification offers a lot of customization. If you like the stats of a helmet, but not its look, you can use transmog to make it look like a different helmet, while still maintaining the original’s stats; only the cosmetic aspect changes. On Twitter, Bungie revealed that the transmogrification system will work with your Collections tab, rather than armor pieces you’re storing in your vault or on your characters.

The Collections tab keeps a catalogue of every item you’ve earned in Destiny 2, even if you’ve dismantled it for parts or used it with the Infusion system to boost another piece of gear. That’s good news: it means you’ll have access to any piece of armor you’ve ever had for transmogrification. It previously sounded like you would need the actual pieces of gear, and not just the record of having earned it at some point, to make transmog work–and thus, players have been squirreling away their coolest-looking armor pieces, waiting for the system to go live.

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