Destiny 2 patch notes: Shatterdive and Whisper of Fissure nerfs, out of bounds and raid glitch fixes

The most recent 2 update is live now, with a considerable rundown of changes.

A week ago Bungie uncovered a few changes coming to Destiny 2 focused on, in addition to other things, dialing down the effect of the Hunter’s Shatterdive capacity, which as we noted “has been getting a charge out of a frosty rule of fear” since the time the Revenant Stasis subclass was included the Beyond Light development. Today, kindness of the fix notes for the 3.0.2 update that just went live, we have the full subtleties on that and all the other things that is changed.

The two nerfs we were anticipating separate this way:

However, there’s some other intriguing stuff as well. An issue that empowered players to have the Shelter From the Storm buff for all time applied in the Deep Stone Crypt attack has been fixed, which implies players should do the principal experience (on the sparrows) genuine, instead of getting a charge out of a comfortable drive through a blizzard.

Another fix includes the Cloudstrike rifleman rifle, which was twofold tallying shots on the Divinity Cage as accuracy hits. We’ll need to see whether this deposes it as the long reach DPS extraordinary of decision.

Spots where players could leave the climate in the Exodus Blue, Widow’s Court, Twilight Gap, and Cauldron maps in Crucible and afterward go around causing a wide range of pain have additionally been fixed, and on the PC-explicit side, lighting on GPUs has been improved to build execution. Ideally that manages a portion of the faltering players have detailed since the Beyond Light DLC dropped.

One thing the fix doesn’t manage is the Stasis Titan Behemoth Super: Bungie said in a week ago’s TWAB that Titans are “next on our radar,” yet it needs to perceive how the Shatterdive and Whisper of Fissures nerfs sway the generally PvP scene first.

The full Destiny 2 3.0.2 fix notes are beneath.