Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s Raid Will Not Be Delayed, Despite Bugs

Destiny 2 recently launched a new expansion, Beyond Light, and while some fans have enjoyed jumping into it, there have been numerous bugs impacting the experience. A hotfix has been issued and the light cap exploit has been mended, but some weapons have had to be disabled, Trials of Osiris has been delayed, and other issues have popped up.

However, despite all of these issues, Bungie has insisted that the expansion’s new raid will not be delayed. With five raids having entered the Content Vault with the launch of this expansion, Bungie is keen to make sure that the new one does not slip from its date.

Bungie senior community manager “dmg04” took to Twitter to assure players that the raid, Deep Stone Crypt, will not slip from its November 21 release. “At this time, there are no plans to delay the Raid,” he says.

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