Destiny 2 Beyond Light – Where To Find Entropic Shards To Earn Your Stasis Aspect

Working through the story campaign of Beyond Light, Destiny 2‘s latest expansion, will earn you the new Stasis ability–a power that lets you slow and freeze enemies to take them out of the fight and deal massive damage. To get the most out of the new abilities, though, you’ll need Aspects, equippable mods that give your Stasis subclass new abilities.

Your first Aspect comes from a quest late in the Beyond Light campaign, and you’ll need to hunt down collectibles called Entropic Shards to complete it. We’ve run down everything you need to do and to know in order to unlock your first Stasis Aspect, while also detailing the locations of every Entropic Shard currently found on Europa.

Unlock Stasis Aspects By Getting The Aspect Of Control Quest

First, work your way through the Beyond Light campaign. Defeat Eramis and continue on the Exo Stranger’s Born in Darkness quests until you’ve fully unlocked the Stasis subclass and its three grenades. There are a lot of parts to this, so it’ll take a bit.

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