Destiny 2: Beyond Light Season Pass Includes Antique Exotic Shotguns And A Sweet Bird

Destiny 2‘s base game adopted a free-to-play model in September 2019, giving players a vast amount of content to experience for no added cost at all. For a small fee though, players can experience Destiny 2 with the premium season pass, or they can grind for fewer rewards with the free season pass.

With the launch of Beyond Light, comes a new season pass during the Season of the Hunt. Like previous instances, grinding your way through all 100 ranks will unlock rare resources, weapons, and armor. The main attraction is an Exotic shotgun called Duality, which has two firing modes: Shooting from the hip will fire a spread of deadly pellets while aiming down the sights will launch a lethal slug instead. The second unique perk to Duality is that getting a kill with pellets will grant you increased precision damage while landing a killshot with a slug will then increase the duration of the pellet-kill buff.

Earning Duality is easy with the season pass. If you opt not to pay for the premium version you can unlock it at Rank 35. Duality will be instantly unlocked along with seasonal armor for your Guardian in the premium season pass.

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