Despite Lower Review Scores, Madden 21 Is Selling Very Well

Despite receiving some of the lowest aggregate review scores in years, Madden NFL 21 is selling very well. Electronic Arts has announced that the game has sold more copies and reached more players in its first week than last year’s Madden NFL 20.

EA said in a press release that sell-through for Madden 21 in its first week, that is, how many copies were sold to consumers, is up by almost 20 percent compared to Madden 20. The company also announced that players have taken part in nearly 50 percent more games in Madden 21 compared to Madden 20 over its first week.

Madden 21’s new mode, The Yard, has proven to be very popular too, with people collectively playing more than 17 million games in the mode to date.

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