Demon’s Souls: Watch 12 Minutes Of Gameplay With The Director

Demon’s Souls is one of the most exciting PS5 exclusives releasing this year, with Bluepoint Games fully remaking From Software’s 2009 masterpiece to take advantage of the new hardware. In a new 12-minute gameplay walkthrough, creative director Gavin Moore showed off offline gameplay, as well as the HUD that was disabled during previous gameplay demonstrations.

After showing off the robust new character creator, Moore shows off the Nexus area, a hub comparable to the Hunter’s Dream from Bloodborne or the Firelink Shrine in Dark Souls 3. From here, you can use the game’s five Archstones to travel to the game’s various regions–there isn’t a sixth one, as the unfinished content from the original game wasn’t completed for the remake.

The loading times for traveling to the first Archstone’s area–the Gates of Boletaria–are nearly non-existent. After a short cinematic featuring a dragon, the gameplay begins, and it’s nothing short of stunning.

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