Demon’s Souls Remake: How To Find One Of The Best Early-Game Weapons

Demon’s Souls is a bit different to most other Soulsborne games in that it’s divided into distinctly separate areas that are each linked to a hub world. This allows you to visit Demon’s Souls areas out of consecutive order, and that’s something you should do if you’re looking for one of the best early-game weapons that you can find: the Crescent Falchion.

This curved sword is a powerful addition to your arsenal, possessing high base magic damage. Just like in Dark Souls, magic damage is very powerful in Demon’s Souls, especially in the early game. So if you’re having a bit of trouble with the enemies found in Demon’s Souls, nabbing the Crescent Falchion will help you quite a bit.

Where To Find The Crescent Falchion

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to travel through any of the archestones, you want to pick World 4-1, Shrine of Storms. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to beat the level to grab the Crescent Falchion–it’s actually found fairly early on.

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