Demon’s Souls PS5 – 7 Beginner’s Tips To Survive In The Remake

Demon’s Souls on PS5 is a full remake of the classic FromSoftware action-RPG that began the stoic and uncompromising trend of Souls-likes that we know of today. For those who experienced the dangers and threats within the kingdom of Boletaria in 2009, you’ll quickly find that the tough-as-nails gameplay and sense of anxiousness when exploring remains intact. However, for those who’ve never played a Souls game or who focused on the Dark Souls series or other iterations, you’ll quickly find that Demon’s Souls has a particularly sharp edge to it in areas you’d least expect. And most often, it leaves much of the finer details of its gameplay for you to uncover.

With the launch of the Demon’s Souls remake, we’ve put together some tips that will help make your opening hours a bit more manageable. If you want to read more on Demon’s Souls, check out our early review impressions of the full game from editor Tamoor Hussain.

Pick Your Starting Choices Carefully

Once you begin your journey, you’ll create your character and choose their starting class. While traditionally character classes have defined stats and skills, the classes of Demon’s Souls are merely a starting point for your journey. Once you begin collecting weapons and using the souls of fallen enemies to level up and amplify critical stats, you’re free to evolve your character in any way you see fit. So a humble barbarian has the means to evolve into a magic-wielding glass cannon by the game’s end.

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